Saint Paul's Voice Centre of Uganda: A Human Rights Organization


Saint Paul's Voice Centre (SPAVOC) is aiming, together with other organisations, national and international, to fight against LGBT discrimination in Uganda and the rest of the world.We are the voice for the voiceless and a human right defender and Christian organization based in Uganda. We support equality, access to health care and AIDS/HIV Prevention materials and services. We are committed to supporting the Ugandan LGBTI community here and abroad by documenting need for asylum, safe haven, and equality.

The Rev. Patrick Leuben Mukajanga was our founder and executive director.  


School Funding Appeal

Dear Friends,


Your donations help us to reopen the schools associated with Saint Paul's Voice Centre of Uganda.  These schools serve the poor and orphaned, and provide at risk children educational opportunities for themselves and their families.  At this critical time we ask that you donate as generously as you are able.  The need is great and the expenses with COVID-19 precautions are greater taxing our funds as we endeavor to keep children safe in a learning environment which is conducive to their health and well-being. 


Your donations will support Dembe and Kanoni Schools and we will be able to serve children in need of school supplies, books, pencils, and paper.


In addition, most of the standards of procedure set by the ministry of education requires students to meet the costs their own safety items.We are therefore aiming at providing wash hand water tanks which are foot operated, hand sanitizers, enough face masks to each student, liquid soap Among others.We are having a number of 47 students in both Dembe school and Kanoni Preparatory schools.


We expect these items to cost Usd 2000 for the above.This need is great.  You can be assured of your generous gift being used to facilitate the education of a needy Ugandan child.  We are volunteers at Saint Paul's Voice Centre and we give of our time to serve this community.



Andrew Ariyo

Chairperson, Saint Paul's Voice Centre of Uganda

Sad News of The Rev. Patrick Leuben Mukajanga's Death

There are confirmed reports from Pastor Atwine that the Reverend Patrick Leuben Mukajanga of Saint Paul's Voice Centre of Uganda has died in a motor accident. This status will be updated with information as it is made available. I am shocked and dismayed at this terrible news and the tremendous loss it is to the community of human rights activists. Rev. Patrick was my closest friend.


"I am informed that it was almost clocking to 21:00hrs at night and Leuben was rushing home before the curfew time that starts at 21:00hrs when the car that he was traveling in got an accident and Being the curfew time there was no help that was got first until the police patrol found out the accident scene.

Unfortunately three occupants had already lost their lives.

Update II:

Some detailed facts about how Patrick passed on. He died in a motorcycle accident. He was riding heading home from Ibanda town, trying to beat the curfew, and he had a head on collision with another motorcycle carrying 3 people. All the 4 passed on.

These included Rev.Patrick Leuben Mukjaanga."

Rest in Power, Rev. Patrick Leuben Mukajanga. You were a faithful servant of your Lord, Jesus Christ, may you lean on His everlasting arms and watch over us your community, your family, and your country.

There will be a funeral and a vigil and the updated information on that will be shared here.

Patrick Leuben Mukajanga, there was a burial service the Sunday following Patrick's death, in Ibanda district, Uganda.  A later vigil organized by the LGBTI Ugandan Community is planned and will be updated here, as soon as plans are finalized.


Vigil memorial ceremony was help on 30/08/2020 via Zoom.  Thank you, Franco, for your organizing and to all the participants and donors.  

The Poet-Activist and Friend of Saint Paul's Voice Centre of Uganda, Roberto Malini wrote a poem in memory of The Reverend Patrick Leuben Mukajanga.


And You Haven’t Changed


by Roberto Malini



In memory of my brother Patrick Leuben Mukajanga


Where are you, Patrick?

I don’t see you, but I know where you are.

You have risen up and you’re on your way, as always. 


You walk and fly,

as you do every day,

towards Heaven that is beckoning you

with its silvery voice,

and it is a child.


His smile halts time

and his questions,

the thousand questions of a child

await your reply,

which is Love.


And you haven’t changed.


Your feet are love.


Your hands are love.


Your thoughts, your journey

are love.


So I ask you, brother,

to go on living

in Heaven and in us,

because there is no loss, there is no farewell

when we are still united by love.

Leeds University's Dr. Barbara Bompani's statement by SERENE Project In Memoriam for The Rev. Patrick Leuben Mukjanga:

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Rest in Peace and Power, Reverend Mukajanga Patrick Leuben!

Written August 15, 2020,

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Shannon Equality Kern

Global Change Agent

Shannon has about a quarter century of experience in mobilizing positive change with people, operations, policies, environments, and systems worldwide. Her passion for community, justice, empowerment, and technology paired with her ability to lead with love in nonprofit, healthcare, and hospitality sectors have led her through a journey of kickstarting dreams and manifesting reality. 

Rev. Patrick Leuben Mukajanga reading Poems from
Italian Poet Roberto Malini at Genova Poesia on this Event.
Thank You
Everyone Group and Roberto Malini for the generous donation!

Immediate Past Executive Director, and Founder:

The Reverend Patrick Leuben Mukajanga



A portrait to remember Patrick

The artist and director Dario Picciau, Member of IADAS (The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences) in New York and Human Rights Defender, has created and donated to the family and friends of the late Rev. Patrick Leuben Mukajnga this digital painting, depicting the great educator and activist, who passed away last July 31. Dario Picciau was a friend of Patrick and collaborated with him in humanitarian actions that saved many lives.


The great artist Dario Picciau - who is Artist Laureate and Member of IADAS (The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences) appreciated the photos and created a digital painting dedicated to Patrick. I am sending you the work, which you can freely disseminate (and publish) to honor our friend Rev. Mukajanga, as long as you mention the author's name: Dario Picciau, artist and director, Pesaro, Italy - . The image is also available in print resolution and the artist would be happy if the portrait were exhibited inside the Kanoni School or another institution linked to Patrick's life.