Saint Paul's Voice Centre of Uganda


St.Paul's Voice Centre ( SPAVOC )is aiming, together with other organisations, national and international, to fight against LGBT discrimination in Uganda and the rest of the world.We are the voice for the voiceless and a human right defender and Christian organization based in Uganda. We support equality, access to health care and AIDS/HIV Prevention materials and services. We are committed to supporting the Ugandan LGBTI community here and abroad by documenting need for asylum, safe haven, and equality.


To see the rights, health, life style of minorities of youth and community being considered as part of social, political and economic life in Uganda.

Struggle for the rights of the minorities and net working together in Uganda

To have a well established community based organization (CBO) with well coordinated activities for LGBTI in the country.
Specific Objectives
(a)To generate data/ information on Aids, drugs abuse and advocacy in relation to the LGBTI community
(b)To reach out the LGBTI community who feel stigmatized for their oriention and identity in Uganda.
(c)To market organization locally and internationally through effective and efficient operational activities.
(d)To ensure liberty, peace and unity through solving disputes among the LGBTI community
(e)To ensure proper accountability and monitoring organizational funds
(f)To network locally and internationally with other LGBTI organizations through sharing experiences workshops, counseling, entertainment, social net working and traveling of members