The school is a small five- year-old that trains individuals to become tomorrow leaders within the Christian faith. There are 320 students currently attending the school, most of whom are district residents.

Ddembe School and Saint Paul's Voice Centre are both parts of the small trading center of Kanoni, which occupies a stretch of dirt road less than a kilometer in length in a very rural part of a generally rural district.

The project to be undertaken is the construction of a 30,000-liter rainwater harvesting tank. This tank will be built using Interlocking Stabilized Soil Bricks (ISSBs).

DDEMBE Water Tank Project - Uganda

The business of tank construction was started both to provide communities with clean drinking water and also to support the operations of Kanonii Community Health Centre.

The project also provides some community members with employment opportunities, as seven local builders have been trained in the ways of using this methodology. So far, the project has constructed three water storage tanks, all of the 20,000-liter capacities. Two were built at the Kanoni Community Health Centre, and one was built at Dembe School

It is believed that the proposed project will be the catalyst for the business to gain momentum, on its way to becoming self-sufficient. The location of the tank is ideal for marketing, as all of the bricks will be made on site, next to a road filled with passers-by throughout the day.

The tank will be built just on the downslope side of Kanoni Bible College. The now- experienced team of five masons, with two alternates, will be constructing the tank over a period of three weeks. This includes making all of the bricks needed (about 1,200), digging and setting the foundation, laying the bricks and supporting apparatus, roofing, plastering, and finishing processes.

The bulk of the project costs is being paid by donations from local community members, with School funds making up the necessary balance. The community will also be providing assistance throughout the project with labor, such as helping to carry bricks from the roadside down to the building site, or by sifting murram in preparation for making the bricks.

320 students of the college, in addition to twelve faculty members, will be the main beneficiaries.

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Rest in Peace Mr. Pius Manzi

Mr. Pius Manzi was executive director of Ddembe School and Orphanage.  His tireless work and devotion saved many orphans and he was a good friend to the refugee community as well.  It is with a great sadness that we announce the passing of Mr. Pius Manzi and in solidarity with his friends, family, and community, we pledge to collect on his behalf donations towards his funeral expenses.  Please know that the Rev. Patrick Leuben Mukajanga and all of us at Saint Paul's Voice Centre of Uganda will always remember Mr. Pius Manzi for his generosity and compassionate leadership.



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