"The Stars in the Rice Field" Book Presented to Pope Francis



Our foundation is privileged to thank Pope Francis for having received our book advocating against hunger in the local communities (The Stars in the Rice Field). We thank Everyone Group for supporting this project and joining hands to fight hunger in Africa. We thank all the readers of our book globally and those who havent received a copy you can get it through:


We are so pretty proud that the book is distributed in some schools


We therefore thank everyone who has been part of this project to fight hunger in Africa and call upon everyone to join this great cause of eradicating hunger in the local communities.


-Rev. Patrick Leuben Mukajanga Executive Director/ Founder,Saint Paul's Voice Centre of Uganda

LGBTIQ Youth Camp In Uganda


HIV testing and counseling, Human Rights, playing games and getting  know each other 
including counseling and sessions on coping with discrimination and coming out.

Anyone can support us via ST.PAULS VOICE CENTRE ( SPAVOC ) website



"The Stars in the Rice Field" by Authors Roberto Malini and Dario Picciau


The President, Rev. Patrick Leuben Mukajanga awarded the VOICE OF CIVILIZATION AWARD 2015 " to a book for human rights in Africa and in the world " Presented to: Roberto Malini and Dario Picciau, Authors of the the book; " The Stars in the Rice Field".


Article in Italian about this project:


2015 Uganda Beach Pride
Rev. Patrick Leuben Mukajanga joined with other Ugandan Human Rights Defenders to march in the parade at Uganda Beach Pride.  Also Saint Paul's Voice Centre of Uganda had begun earlier in the year collecting rainbow and pride celebration material from donors world round.  We are so thankful to the many donations which were shared with the LGBT community in Uganda so that Uganda Pride could be successful.  We are appreciative to our global partners and individual donors. 
Opposing LGBT Criminalization Bills 2013, Makwan Prize Winner for Human Rights, Patrick Leuben Mukajanga

The International Prize for Human Rights - dedicated to the memory of the twenty-gay Moloudzadeh Makwan, who was hanged in Iran December 5, 2007 and awarded annually by EveryOne Group in accordance with the decision of an international jury - for 2013 is attributed to the President of St. Voice Pauls Centre in Kampala, the author of important measures to protect minority gay

Pictured at Lecturn, Rev. Patrick Leuben Mukajanga


BERGAMO - The year 2013 was a very difficult year for activists and humanitarian workers in the world. The economic crisis, the conflicts, the lack of attention of governments and supranational institutions towards the weakest groups in society have generated humanitarian tragedies anywhere. Racism and homophobia have increased exponentially almost everywhere, while the intolerant movements and parties have reached positions of power in many nations. In countries where religious laws affect those civilians are witnessing terrible persecution of minorities affected by prejudice. In the European Union some years you live stagnant atmosphere on the human rights front, and despite the many recommendations and proclamations to protect minority shareholders, the violations of the rights of refugees are becoming more serious and Europe has turned into a 'insensitive fortress on the front of the protection of the Roma the same phenomenon occurs and the European institutions express strategies and programs, only to abandon the Roma and Sinti communities intolerance manifested by governments, media and citizenship; do not see effective programs of anti-racist education or an improvement of laws and culture against homophobia. The jury of EveryOne Group, formed by human rights defenders, has decided to award the 2013 Makwan Ugandan human rights activist Patrick Leuben Mukajanga. Patrick, 37, is the founder of St. Pauls Voice Centre (SPAVOC) in Kampala, which helps LGBT people in social difficulties, often driven home at a young age or who are victims of violence. Patrick is very active in the dissemination of a culture of tolerance and mutual respect in a nation characterized by a strong homophobic, where homosexuality is illegal. Despite intimidation, threats and detentions by the police, Patrick has become a reference point for the gay community in Uganda, and in a difficult climate, organizes its association with gay pride and demonstrations against homophobia, while also promoting the AIDS prevention practices. Patrick Leuben Mukajanga, operating in synergy with other organizations for LGBT rights, including EveryOne Group (of which the activist is a member), has granted international protection and asylum to many refugees fled to the Ugandan homosexuals in the European Union.

The Prize Makwan is a symbolic recognition, awarded each year to a human rights defender who has distinguished himself for his humanitarian work in non-violent defense of life or a political figure able to take a position publicly and specifically tolerant towards minorities, acting as an example of civilization for the whole society.

Since 2007, the  Makwan Prize- now in its seventh edition - has been assigned to nonviolent activists who have worked in a decisive way to prevent humanitarian tragedies and save lives, often receiving institutional persecution, intimidation, imprisonment, violence and censorship. Here are the names entered so far in the gold: Glenys Robinson, Viktoria Mohácsi, Burnad Fatima Nateson, Nikolay Alexeyev, Hamdy al-Azazy and Active Citizenship in Civitanova Marche. 


Nominations 2013


Luigi Dalla Via, Mayor of Schio, Italy

Saimir Mile, President of La Voix des Rroms, Paris, France

Patrick Leuben Mukajanga, President of the St. Paul's Voice Centre, Kampala, Uganda

Elena Fiorini, Minister for Law and the Rights of the City of Genoa

Kantilal Parmar, defender of the rights of the Dalits, Gandhinagar, India

Contacts Rom, Facebook Group, France

Alberto Hundred, Mayor of Legnano, Italy



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